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Who needs a website, anyway?

Well these days, you'll hear most people say just about everybody needs a website.

Certainly, you'd expect a web designer to have a site.

Mine is coming soon.
And this time, I mean it… ;-)


I've built these sites, and I think they're pretty swell

I take beautiful design and make it into a real-life website.
In most cases, my role is web developer.
Below are a few of my favorite projects.

WordPress sites built for blumenfeld+fleming

Sites built in Adobe Business Catalyst for Healthcommunities.com

Local businesses

Other sites built for blumenfeld+fleming

One-stop Shop

In addition to website design and programming, I provide hassle-free hosting through my companion service, Swing Hosting. My clients don't have to search for a provider, create an account, register their domain name, keep track of passwords, configure anything, etc., etc.

These are several sites I host.
In these cases, I also had a hand in the design and/or coding.