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Who needs a website, anyway?

Certainly, you'd expect a web designer to have a slick site, right?

Honestly, I'd rather be working on yours ;-)


I've built these sites, and I think they're pretty swell

As a web developer, I take beautiful designs and make them into a real-life websites.

Below are a few of my favorite projects.

WordPress sites built for blumenfeld+fleming

Other sites built for blumenfeld+fleming

Local businesses

Sites built in Adobe Business Catalyst for Healthcommunities.com

One-stop Shop

In addition to website design and programming, I provide hassle-free hosting through my companion service, Swing Hosting. My clients don't have to search for a provider, create an account, transfer their domain name, keep track of passwords, open support tickets, configure anything, etc.

You just email me when you need something. It's personal.

These are several sites I host, which I also had a hand in designing or building: